Saturday, November 25, 2006

Twin City (5J9)

Absolutely beautiful day to fly today. I departed Myrtle Beach International in N7206Q at about 0830 for the 20 minute flight to Twin City airport in Loris, SC. I was using my new Bose noise cancelling headset for the first time. By far the best headset I have ever used.

Twin City's runway is about 3,700 feet running basically east/west (08 and 26). The runway is in very good shape. There is no taxiway, so after landing on 08, I had to back taxi to the hangars at the other end of the runway.

There are several hangars at Twin City and a couple of maintenance facilities. Twin City does not sell fuel, and is generally not very busy.

There are a couple of flight instructors at Twin City including a gentlemen who gives tail wheel checkouts and aerobatic instruction. A little white cat named Starlight appears to be in charge of airport operations.

A lot on the airport would probably be a decent investment as the Grand Strand continues to grow westward.



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