Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Berkeley County (50J)

Visited Berkeley County Airport on Sunday. BCA is located about a mile from the town of Moncks Corner. BCA is a great little airport. The runway is 4,350 feet running 05 and 23. The terminal is brand new (opened in January of 2005). Lots of GA hangars on the field. Here are a few pictures of the flight and the airport:


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hemingway Stuckey (38J)

I departed Twin City and headed southwest to Hemingway Stuckey - about a 20 minute flight in the C172 with a pretty good tailwind. There is very little activity at Hemingway Stuckey. The runway (11/29) is paved (about 3,300 feet) and in pretty decent shape.

After a touch and go at Hemingway Stuckey, I returned to Myrtle Beach International (about 30 minutes due east from Hemingway Stuckey with the headwind).

A nice morning of flying followed by a Gamecock victory over Clemson (31-28). Life doesn't get much better!


Twin City (5J9)

Absolutely beautiful day to fly today. I departed Myrtle Beach International in N7206Q at about 0830 for the 20 minute flight to Twin City airport in Loris, SC. I was using my new Bose noise cancelling headset for the first time. By far the best headset I have ever used.

Twin City's runway is about 3,700 feet running basically east/west (08 and 26). The runway is in very good shape. There is no taxiway, so after landing on 08, I had to back taxi to the hangars at the other end of the runway.

There are several hangars at Twin City and a couple of maintenance facilities. Twin City does not sell fuel, and is generally not very busy.

There are a couple of flight instructors at Twin City including a gentlemen who gives tail wheel checkouts and aerobatic instruction. A little white cat named Starlight appears to be in charge of airport operations.

A lot on the airport would probably be a decent investment as the Grand Strand continues to grow westward.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Barnstorming South Carolina

I have decided that over the next year, I will fly in to at least one new South Carolina airport each week. My goal is to visit as many South Carolina airport facilities as possible in one year, and to give a brief report on each one.

There are about 70 public airport facilities in South Carolina, and a whole bunch of private strips.

In addition to my weekly reports, I will update the list of airports I have flown into once a month or so. Yes, I know that this is not really barnstorming, as I will probably not be providing any exhibitions of stunt flying or other aerobatic perfomances. But I hope my tour of South Carolina airports will provide some interesting stories and pictures of the facilities and pilots of South Carolina.


SCAA Fly-In Breakfast

I attended the South Carolina Aviation Association fly-in breakfast at Mt. Pleasant Regional Airport (f.k.a. East Cooper Regional Airport) on Sunday. I flew down with a group of fellow Myrtle Beach Flying Club pilots. We had a great time, and the weather was absolutely perfect. Sorry I don't have any pictures to share - forgot the camera.

For any fellow South Carolina pilots, I strongly urge you to join SCAA and attend some of the fly-in breakfast meetings.